SA Poker Membership

If you haven’t become a member of SA Poker, then you are missing out on all of the fun and benefits that come with a membership. Contact us to get your membership started. The following are the membership levels offered at SA Poker:
No One Under the Age of 21 Admitted.

New Member – $10

An Initiation Fee Applies to All New Memberships.

Re-Issuing – $10

A Re-Issuing Fee Will be Charged for Lost Membership Card Replacements.

Daily Membership – $10

Allows Membership Access to All Club Facilities and Lounges including the Main, Private, and VIP Poker Rooms for Rake Free Cash Games and No Commission Tournament Poker Games until the close of Business on the day of Purchase.

Dress Code

Smart Casual. No Gym Clothes. No Flip-Flops. No Torn Clothing. Hats must be worn forward. Dress Code Enforced.

All New Members will be required to complete a Membership Application prior to being granted their initial membership. Membership is not guaranteed and SA Poker reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time for any reason whatsoever.

Master Texas Holdem Poker for Fun and Profit!


In Texas Holdem, players compete against each other – not just the dealer (as in other casino games). This popular and exciting game offers many profitable opportunities to smart, savvy, and educated players. Take the plunge and start your Texas Holdem adventure today!

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